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Since junior high, I’ve been creating NCAA tourney brackets. And in all these years, I’ve never won a single pool I’ve participated in. So why do I still do it? For the love of the game! The NCAA tournament is one of the most exciting sporting events ever because of the drama and the upsets. If you’ve never been hooked before, definitely fill out a bracket and follow the action- you’ll be checking the scores non-stop, especially during the first weekend.

So as always, I’ve set up an online pool through ESPN.


To sweeten the deal a bit this year, the winner will get a $10 iTunes Gift Card (plus, I will give you the official title of “Baller of the Year”)! What makes it even more exciting is that you can know absolutely nothing about college basketball and still win the whole thing! (it makes people like me a bit upset, but I’ve gotten over it…every year).

So head on over the ESPN, create an entry, and join the group! First games start this Thursday, so you have a couple days to do your research (if you want to) and get on board!

Some Helpful Hints:

– #1 teams have never lost in the first round (although a #15 has defeated a #2)

Only once in the history of the tournament (last year) has all four #1 teams made it to the final four.

– There are ALWAYS upsets. The most common are 12 over 5, 10 over 7, and 9 over 8.

– Nobody has ‘officially’ picked the perfect bracket (getting every game correct)…you’re bound to miss a couple.

– It annoys the heck out of sports fans when you choose teams to win based on colors, mascots, locations, and other non-basketball related reasons…but you have the same odds as someone who goes by the numbers ;)

That should give you guys a little added kick in picking your teams. Again, its open to anyone and everyone so spread the word! Only a couple days before the brackets get locked and you’re left out in the cold!