• [Da Bears] Wow, that was a rough one.  Cutler threw 4 picks (3 of which looked like he thought he was supposed to throw to Green Bay), Forte couldn’t really get anywhere, and to top it all of, Urlacher is out for the season.  But I won’t jump off the bandwagon just yet.   If there was an upside though, I’m pretty impressed with the speed of Johnny Knox.  And Devin Hester looks like a much better receiver than he did a year ago (though he still runs sideline to sideline on kick returns instead of end-zone to end-zone).
  • [Fantasy] Seriously had a rough first week for my fantasy squad.  Every single player underperformed which basically lost it for me.  Here are some issues that I ran into:
  1. Bernard Berrian has been out with a hamstring injury, so he has not practiced with Favre yet- he scored 0 points.
  2. The Ravens D got me a total of 3 points…seriously?!
  3. Adam Vinatieri didn’t even attempt a FG
  4. it also didn’t help that I was going up against MJD, Tom Brady, and the Giants D the way they performed this weekend.
  • [Budgeting] I’ve been using Mint.com for my personal money management for a few years now, and news just got out the Intuit bought it.  I’m still not sure how things will change yet- I’m not too fond of the Quicken online version, but their desktop software is great, so hopefully it blends beautifully.
  • [Glee] The first season of Glee is FINALLY starting up.  For those who never heard of it, it pretty just follows high school students as they try to resurrect their Glee club, and they have some amazing cover songs already.  Definitely got it added to my hulu queue.  For the record, I’ve never been in any choirs or vocal groups (outside of the church choir that didn’t cut anyone when I was trying out, and an acappella group that I helped start), but this definitely made me wish I could sing iwth others again.  Oh well!
  • [Kanye] Seriously?  The man puts out hits like none other, but his VMA stunt was a bit immature, if you ask me (yet on point with what we’ve seen from Kanye in the past).
  • [Picture] You want one?  Check yesterday’s post from the weekend wedding!  :)