• [Labor Day] Happy Labor Day!  Did you know the holiday originated in Canada out of labor disputes?  Wikipedia has all the info! :)
  • [Grill Off] Today I had a Labor Day lunch at my sister’s place, which was more than just a lunch.  We held a special grill-off between my brother-in-law, brother-in-law’s brother, and my dad.  Their job was to make burgers- starting with just ground beef, they seasoned and and designed their dishes as if they were competing a Top Chef.  The real joy: myself and my other brother-in-law were the judges!  Our burgers were specially made and plated, as they were going to be judged based on 3 criteria: Presentation, Taste, and Originality.  When all was said and done, my brother-in-law came away the big winner.  Looking forward to judging more of these events in the future. :)

  • [Wedding Pics] Remember how 3 weeks ago I got married?  And last week I posted images from the honeymoon in Jamaica?  Well, it just keeps getting better because Kenny Kim just gave us our images this weekend!  I mean, seriously!?!  He is the man!  Big ups to Kenny, David Lai, and Abbie Carter for working with us and getting us some great images from the day- we are more than satisfied!  He’s posted a few on his blog and on facebook, so be sure to check it out!  You can see a slideshow of the images here, as well.
  • [1frame] So I decided to start with another little personal project right now.  I call it “1frame“.  On my blog, in my galleries, up on facebook, I show so many images to tell the story of a day.  But to challenge myself and my creativity, I asked myself- ‘if I was limited to one frame and a few words, would I still be able to tell a good story?’  And that is what my goal is with “1frame”.  I want to continue telling a compelling story, but with fewer words and just one image.  So if you’d like to follow along on this little personal project, head over to my 1frame site: http://1frame.natemathai.com/ .

[2009.09.07] Monday Night Recap

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