• [Texas Hold ‘Em] I used to be a big Hold ‘Em person in college, and still occasionally watch the tournaments on ESPN every now and then.  It seems to be a new craze among my friends recently, though, so I’ve played a few times again which has re-sparked the interest.  Because of this, I jumped on the Hold ‘Em facebook app, which hasn’t been treating me too well.  I don’t play too often, but the first day I quickly jumped to the 100k group, and quickly lost it afterward.  So the good news is I have a PRO title…the bad news is I currently have under 15k.
  • [Purity Code] If you’ve been my facebook friend for awhile, you probably noticed my profile pic at some point was this:

    We’ve been holding a series for the high school/college kids at my church called the “Purity Code”, based around creating biblical relationships and fostering personal and relational purity of the body/mind/heart/eyes/etc.  It’s been a very great series, and we had the wrap-up this past friday, where I spoke!  I basically covered topics about how you know when you’re ready to be in a relationship, and characteristics to look for when choosing a mate.  Attending the CFC Dating/Courtship series for 5 years sure helped me out there :)  It might seem surprising (or might not), but this was the first serious ‘public speaking’ opportunity I’ve had (outside of sharing my testimony).  Though the feedback I’ve received was positive (I think people are just being encouraging, which is great! :)), I’m still not sure whether I’ll chase more speaking opportunities.  Only time will tell, we’ll see what happens!

  • [Last Shoot] I posted earlier today a teaser from my Saturday e-session with Rolly and Ben.  This was the last official shoot I’ve had scheduled before my upcoming wedding, which is a bit bittersweet.  Definitely going to miss shooting but I love having the time as there is so much to do before the wedding!  I’ll still be culling/editing for another week or so trying to get some sessions complete before I take a bit of a leave for my wedding, so still keep an eye out for that.  It’ll be over before you know it!
  • [Jen + Jon] Though Saturday was my last ‘official’ shoot pre-wedding, I got to second shoot with my friend Kenny Nakai on Sunday for the wedding of Jen and Jon.  There will be much more to see from this wedding on his blog later, but here’s a quick tease from what I saw:

  • [The Ugly Truth] Today was a ‘date’ day for my fiancee and I, as it’s the day before her BAR exam.  (CRAZY FACT:  The BAR exam is 2 days long, from 8-5 both days with a 1-hour lunch.  Who does that!??!)  My goal was to keep her semi-sane today as well as get her to relax, so we did dinner and a movie.  We watched “The Ugly Truth”, which had its moments of humor, but I was unimpressed.  I’ve seen better, and I think it was hyped up too much for me.
  • [Cubbies] WOO HOO!  Since the all-star break, my cubbies have slowly started making their move, and now sit atop the NL Central in first place!  Believe It!  And an extra joy is they just won in 13 innings today 5-1 by an Alfonso Soriano GRAND SLAM!  (and yes, I did wait until the end of the game to post this just to include it)