I posted before about how I would start posting occasionally who I would love to have shoot my wedding if there were no restrictions whatsoever.  So, if there was no restriction on money, time, availability, etc., I want want each person that I post about (and many more, actually) to shoot my wedding together, because they all would bring something that I truly admire or want.  In actuality, this is a combination of who I would want to shoot my wedding as well as who I’m inspired by in the industry.  (side note:  the photographers are listed in no particular order, except for the last one being my actual photographer.  I love you all equally :) )

Ok, so for the inaugural post, I would want Jasmine Star.

Jasmine has one of the most amazing stories (which I will probably butcher trying to explain it) that I’ve heard.  She started out in law school, and in searching for her own wedding photographer found a passion in the industry.  She then went full force in learning, and in less then a year became BluDomain‘s Photographer of the Year…and she is only finishing her second full year shooting!

Jasmine’s images are very crisp and clean, but what I love most about her is her copy.  This girl knows how to write!  I follow so many blogs (near 100, I think) and for many of the photographers I skim the text but the way she writes pulls me in.  It is so clear how invested she gets in her clients – understanding their story and seeing the love in the relationships.  Although I’ve never been a huge reader, I’m a sucker for quality type.  So that coupled with her amazing images make her an obvious choice.

Check out her work:  blog | site