• [Ummm…] Yes, I know it’s Tuesday.  Yes, I know its Tuesday night.  I’ve been near perfect (if not perfect) about getting these up on Mondays since I started last year.  Oh well…better late than never, right?
  • [Photo Challenge] August is over, so get your submissions for that challenge e-mailed into challenge(at)natemathai(dot)com.  I’ll post the next challenge within the week and get these submissions up as well.
  • [Cubbies] After some dramatic, come-from-behind victories last week (Aramis with a grand slam in the 8th, Soriano with a solo-shot to take the lead in the 7th the day after), we had a rough weekend.  Even still, we’re 4.5 games up on the Brewers, and I think the magic number is around 20-something…we’re coming down the home stretch!
  • [Liza and Shibu] On Saturday, I shot the engagement ceremony of Liza and Shibu at the India House Banquets in Schaumburg, Illinois.  Here’s a little tease for you all:
  • Liza and Shibu's Engagement at India House Banquets in Schaumburg, IL

  • [College Friends] Two years later, and we all still hang out…that’s a good sign, right?  11 of us got together on Sunday (missing one in Atlanta) for some fun times of freeze tag, water balloons, and volleyball in the park, followed by pizza at Barnaby’s.  No pics…I wanted to avoid getting yelled at for bringing the camera everywhere :)
  • [Blogging Friends] I’m a blog junkie, where in addition to my own blogging, I follow 25, 50, too many blogs, many of other photographers, others on finance, business, marketing, technology…and the list goes on.  I decided I should give a shout out though, to a couple of my non-photography friends’ blogs that post regularly so you can go check them out.  Not listed?  You haven’t posted enough!
  1. {Rincey}  It’s 100% personal.  But she’s an amazing writer and completely knowledgeable about all things pop culture and beyond (she’s a journalism major).  She’s been blogging for quite some time to (longer than I have I think) so she’s very well-seasoned.  One of the few blogs I read all the copy to.
  2. {Jason}  A more recent blogger and long-time friend, he’s started one to document his families current move back to the Chicagoland area from Bloomington/Normal, as well as his journey in starting his insurance agency.  And more than just personal info, he’s dropping some good info on finances here and there, so definitely check it out.
  3. {Sibi}  My brother-in-law is trying it out now, and already has some quality information up there.  He’s a Mac/Tech addict so you’ll definitely gain knowledge on quality products and apps coming out.  He’s also occasionally giving some wise financial tips as well.
  4. —>  I have a couple other friends who have blogs, but don’t update regularly, so they don’t get posted.  Oh well, such is life. :)
  • [Google Chrome] So it seems Google is launching its own web browser (a-la Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer).  I’ve tested it out for a couple of hours earlier today, and its very bare bones (they wanted it minimalistic).  It’ll take some getting used to, and I’m sure there will be much more to come since this is just the first beta release.  The one thing I do like:  Most Visited Websites when opening a new tab.  Each time you open a tab, thumbnails of your most recently sites appear in a grid for you to click to go directly to it instead of having to type the address in.  More than the browser itself, though, I feel like if this browser can surpass that of Firefox/Safari in usability, Google’s Android begins that much stronger of a force.  Just my musings…awaiting for the release on OS X.
  • [Budgeting] In planning for a wedding/future, I’ve begun the budgeting process with my fiance, which leads me to the following poll.  Please humor me by selecting your current ‘state of budgeting’, and if you’d like explain why you’re in that situation in the comments below.