The Intro

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As I said before, I’m stepping away from the “Monday Night Recap” moving forward, but one of the new things that I planned on rolling out every now and then (not every Monday, sorry :)) will be some videos!  Here’s the first installment of my video posts…not sure what I’m going to call these, so if you have a creative name, drop it in the comments below! (To spice it up a bit, the person who gives me the winning name will get a free $10 iTunes gift card- woo hoo!).

**so you know, you can actually comment on different parts of the video itself. Just mouse over the “+” sign in the bottom right and click “add comment”, and a little comment box will show up over the timeline. This way, you can comment on a specific moment in time and everyone will know what you’re talking about. How awesome is that?!**