NMP Challenge

[1 min read]

THEME: Black & White (in color)

To end off the year of photo challenges, I thought this would be an interesting concept to ‘push’ your creativity with. Basically, I want you to take a picture that is black and white, but in color. This means, you CANNOT do any processing on the image to convert it to black and white, it should already be a black/white object. Make sense? You can make other adjustments to the image if you wish, but DO NOT desaturate the image or use other black and white/grayscale conversion. Sound good? Awesome! Looking forward to seeing what you guys do with it!

Size your images to be no more than 800 pixels on the longest size, and e-mail them to challenge(at)natemathai(dot)com with the month in the subject line. Happy Shooting (and Happy Holidays) Everyone!

I’ve posted the November submissions here, but here’s a ‘family friendly’ one :)