On Thursday, I went to my first Bears game of my life!  We had some great seats in the north endzone, and it was an amazing (and cold) game!  You know it’s going to be entertaining when the opening kick gets returned for a TD.  We got a bit of a scare with Forte missing much of the first half, and then Orton paying like…Grossman…but we still pulled off the win.  Woo hoo! (note: the above picture was taken on my iPhone)

On Friday, I went over to my sister’s to take some family pictures of the family for their Christmas card.  And like many, they were hoping to get that ‘perfect picture’ with everyone looking at the camera, sitting straight, smiling beautifully, completely clean and what not.  Now, I understand the desire, but I love EVERY OTHER IMAGE. :)  And so for your viewing pleasure, here are my nieces in all their beauty:

And my personal favorite (with some personal processing ;) )

Parents- don’t be so concerned about that ‘perfect’ picture…take the ones to help you remember their childhood as they naturally were. (we were able to get them looking at the camera and smiling…but aren’t these more fun?! :))