• [Photo Challenge] November is complete, so get your submissions in for last month’s challenge.  I’ll post the last one of the year later this week!
  • [Mumbai Attacks] It’s been all over the news, but in the last week there were some crazy attacks that occured in Mumbai, India, at major tourist locations.  Although my family is primarily out of southern India, my churches missions team was currently up north, and they were about 1 hour away from the major attacks.  They were actually scheduled to return home the following day, and luckily were able to make it home safely.  I ask for continued prayer, though, for all those in India, as well as for the remaining members of our missions team who will be coming home later this week.
  • [A Model] So a friend of mine seems like he’s interested in doing some modeling and asked me to take some pictures for him.  He caught me a bit off guard when I showed up, saying he was specifically looking into hand-modeling…but who am I to judge?  So what do you think, does he have what it takes?  ;)

  • [Family Thanksgiving] On Thanksgiving, I had Thanksgiving dinner at my sister’s place.  They kill two birds with one stone by having both sides of the family over, which is nice.  My job was making the punch (of which I did a mighty fine job in, I must say)…and later got blindsided by having to do the dishes.  Ah well, I think I did a mighty fine job with that as well.  Here’s a couple pics of my youngest niece celebrating her first Thanksgiving – she still seems very surprised about everything:

  • [Black Friday] It’s turned into an annual tradition (this is year 2) going out for Black Friday.  I wasn’t too interested in picking much up so it wasn’t too big of an event.  We hit up TigerDirect (I waited outside for about 45 minutes as they did the smart of think of only letting in roughly 50 people at a time to avoid a mad rush and tramplings) to start everything out.  Surprisingly I technically didn’t buy anything for myself.  The picture below shows what I picked up (less a GPS system I got for my dad).  All these are actully for all of you!  It speeds up my processing time as well as gives me even more backup confidence with the precious images I take for you (pictured is a 4GB memory upgrade for my Macbook Pro, 1TB hard drive, and a casing for 2 internal hard drives).
  • [Inlaws Thanksgiving] On Friday night, I made my way over to my fiancee’s place for the second Thanksgiving dinner.  Another great time of feasting, and I also helped set up their Christmas tree.  Here’s a little family picture of them.  Also, my soon-to-be brother-in-law just got a Canon XSi and here he is putting it to good use (…this is generally what events start to look like once parents get a dSLR…its AWESOME!)

  • [M & S] On Saturday morning, I shot the engagement ceremony of M and S, who will be having their wedding next May.  Here’s a little teaser for you:
  • [Turkey Bowl] My church held our first annual Turkey Bowl- a touch football game between the older and younger guys.  And as expected, us older guys won it 13-6.  I caught the extra point that put us up 7-6 in the first half, as well as helped hold down their offense (once I showed up, they were shut out the rest of the game).  Although it was touch, I did get my lip busted by getting hit in the face, and lack of stretching has caused some back pains, but its slowly getting better.  Ah well, it was worth the W.
  • [506 Thanksgiving] After the morning festivities, my college friends got together for our seasonal dinners.  This was quite possibly the longest/latest we’ve hung out since we were actually in college, as I think I went to sleep around 3am (and my roommate lives like 5 minutes from my house).  As always, it’s a great time for us to just catch up with what’s going on in everyone’s lives, play some games, and definitely great food (as always).  It’s crazy how we’re all growing up and moving to different stages in our lives…my how things have and will continue to change, but it’s always great re-connecting.  Also, a week ago I helped redecorate/rearrange my roommates place, and we finished it off by framing a couple of my Chicago pics for his wall…don’t you just love framed art!?

  • [Bears] We started out well, not letting AP run all over us.  Then we got stopped with a drive inside the 3 yard line on four straight plays, and then gave up a 99-yard TD pass to former Bear Bernard Berrian.  And that was the last we heard of the Bears offense in that game.  We’ve dropped our standing atop the NFC North and have a tougher road to finish the season than the Vikings, but I still think we can make a playoff run.  Here’s to hoping…
  • [Fantasy] This will be my last update, as my season our officially over (I finished with a win though!)  I end off the leage in a sad 9th place.  It’s been a great season- what you all have missed out on, though (for those who have been following) is the message board- it’s been quite fun talking trash week in and week out.  I also had been doing weekly predictions of our matchups since about Week 8, and I’ve been above .500 so far.  All in all it’s been a fun- playoffs start next week for those remaining, and we’ll see how it all plays out.

[12.01.08] Monday Night Recap

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