Macworld 2008

[2 min read]

I just finished watching the demo of the Macbook Air, as well as Jobs Keynote Address. I never thought I’d have this much Mac-love before. I was anti-Mac through high school, even into my freshman year of college. Then it was just too expensive, but I slowly started loving everything about it…their innovation, their marketing, and their understanding of the client.

My Highlights:

  • Mac Ads- hilarious as always
  • ‘GPS’, Weather, Mail for the iPod Touch ($20 upgrade)
  • AppleTV Take2 (public announcement that they made a mistake with the direction of AppleTV)
  • HD/DVD Quality 30-day/24-hour Movie Rentals (probably won’t use, but interesting)
  • [humorous – Flickr photos DON’T work during presentation…I still enjoy when Apple has problems too]

It wasn’t the most inspiring keynote to date, but interesting none the less. OK…I’m a nerd for watching the full keynote as well as the Air demo (especially since I wouldn’t buy the Air), but I just love technology and innovation.

I realized I haven’t posted images in quite awhile…I’ve been a bit busy, but I’m planning on getting back out there and even just shooting for fun in the coming weeks. It’s coming, I promise!