• [NFL] What’s going on? Eli advances, and Peyton is out. Not sure what to expect coming up…maybe Moss continues to be human and Brady shows he is too? (It’s not as exciting with the Bears out…)
  • [Illini] The basketball team continues to struggle, so we’ll keep that topic silent. In other news, Mendenhall is going pro…let’s see if Zook and the Illini can follow up the Rose Bowl with another strong year.
  • [Alone] My girlfriend finally had to go back to U of I for law school…it was a great month…back to the grind…
  • [#12] With my 28 in 2008, I’ve completed #12! This past Sunday, I was given the opportunity to share my experience at the recent Regional Conference with my church. A quick 3 minute thing, but still…a speaking opportunity nonetheless!
  • [10ItemsOrLess] I heard a commercial for this new show on Tuesdays on TBS (11/10c) that will be on the air after re-runs of the Office (10/9c). Seems like my kind of humor. Anyone else watching?
  • [LazyMonday] It is…American Gladiators and rest for me! I don’t normally get many of these.

[01.14.08] Monday Night Recap

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