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In a recap of 2007, I figured I look back on my ‘favorite’ (whatever that means) blog posts for each month. Looking back, though, I realized that I took a bit of a blogging hiatus from January-April, so as a bonus, those months will be recapped with when I started blogging in 2006…my have I come a long way. Enjoy!

[January] Overflow…
My first post ever. I started this blog as sort of a journal, a way to express my thoughts/feelings/views, as it’s something that I always had difficulty doing (even now). This was at the beginning of my Senior year at U of I, and had so much going on. Great weight on my shoulders regarding graduation, relationships, friendships, purpose, etc. And as I put the pen to the pad (…or more my fingers to the keys), this is what came out. I must say…I’m no great lyricist, but sometimes I impress myself :)

[February] Grace Period
Part of my collection of ‘purposeful’ posts. I didn’t want to just post random happenings, but information and thoughts that were beneficial to those who read it. I still desire to do that now, but also give people a glimpse as to who I am on day-to-day basis.
This concept of grace is still so foreign to me at times. It’s amazing how much we learn at one point, yet still forget as days and months go by. We are a forgetful people. I’m so glad I’m doing this reflection post because it’s a great reminder of how much I’m in need of grace.

[March] Leave a Legacy
Plain and simple – this is my desire. I want to leave a legacy. Not for my own name, but for His. I want people, when they remember me, to think, ‘Man, that man loved Jesus.’

[April] Immature 21
The more I tried to blog ‘purposefully’, the more I was able to see God in many different scenarios and life situations. It’s an interesting thing to look at the world and see things just a bit differently. It’s so beneficial to do this in all aspects of life, and it’s something I take pride in my growth. To look at a sports team and learn about business structure, or wildlife and see something about leadership- it’s an exciting feeling.

[May] Indecent Exposure (?)
Finally…a 2007 post. I laughed a bit again when I saw this. We live in such a crooked world. It doesn’t make sense the things societies try to censor, at the same time the things people try to receive “freedom” to do. It just doesn’t make sense.

[June] Alexis’ 2nd Birthday Photoshoot
She turned 2, and I’m just thinking of how much I’ve changed. I was using my brother-in-law’s Rebel XT for this, and retty much spent a lot of time post-processing. Over time I’ve learned how to ‘get it right’ in camera and less time behind the computer. It’s nice to look back at things like this, because you see progress and growth (as well as a picture of how potential can be achieved). Oh, and my goodness these little ones are huge now. They really keep me grounded with what life is really about.

[July] MTC Summer League Photoshoot
This was my first opportunity with my 30D. Outside of that, this was also the first Summer League that we ran (after a long drought since out last hosted bball tournament). The league was a learning experience, but the response was so great. Everyone came to play and it was fun and exciting. Not too shabby for year1, and I’m looking for to the return in 2008. The help was amazing too…I would not have been able to put on something like that without the help provided.

[August] Grieving and Praising [Reviving]
The Lord had brought my community through a lot. I still haven’t completely dealt with it. It’s not easy, but God is good.

The official announcement. It’s still a bit surreal that I decided to go full force (some what) and start my own photography business. It’s one of my joys and passions, and I’ve received such great support. Mark it down…the beginning of forever! I love my life!

[October] [10.22.07] Monday Night Recap
Another first’s for the year. I was able to keep the recap going every week from this day through the end of the year, with the first day that I was missing was New Year’s Eve. Not bad, I’ll get back on board again next week.

[November] Jane & Alan’s E-Session I LOVE e-sessions! My joy of photography is capturing reality and emotion, and I love having an opportunity to capture the relation of two people madly in love with each other. And even more, I love hearing their stories. Everyone is so unique and it’s just so much fun! (And with these two being my friends, all the more exciting!)

[December] Holiday Cards!
December was a tough choice as there was much that went on that I enjoyed, but I figured I’d post another ‘first’- my first Christmas Card! It was purely for fun, and I’m glad I was able to bring a smile to many people’s faces during this holiday season.

So there you have it…a post for each month (be it a few from 2006). It’s always good to look back and remember what you’ve experienced and what you’ve gone through. There’s so much more between the lines than what I’ve posted. I hope you all had a great time following my blog, and I hope to give you much, much more to look forward to in 2008!