• [W] I went to watch “W” with a couple of my college roommates last week.  It was a very interesting portrayal of our current government leaders, basically exaggerating various characteristics of their past or present.  I don’t believe that it’s in any way an truly accurate look at the reality of the leaders, although I don’t believe that was the original intent.  From a creative standpoint, the movie was pretty well-made, although there were a handful of scenes that I didn’t think were necessary to the story, and there was also no correlation with the flashbacks (and I constantly was looking for a correlation).  All in all, though, I think its an interesting movie overall and worth the watch.
  • [U of I] This past weekend I made a trip out to the University of Illinois, which is always fun.  It was slightly different than normal, as there were about 20 friends not from the school who were visiting because of another friend’s birthday.  Although I had every intent to take some pics, I barely took out my camera, and when I did I didn’t shoot much.  So not going to be that much of a photo documentary as before.  But now a recap:
    • [Ballin’] One of my joys is being able to ball with the college guys when I get a chance.  50 degree weather, but we played some outdoor ball on Saturday.  Unlike last time (when I ate a steak dinner before some midnight ball), I actually played decent.  Fun times, indeed.
    • [Birthday] My friend celebrated her ‘supposed’ 21st birthday on Friday (I still think she’s like 12…), and she had quite the celebration.  Like I said, there were about 20 visitors who came as surises for her, at multiple times of the day for 3 different surprises.  We got together at Houlihan’s for some dinner, and this is pretty much all the pictures I took this weekend (all shot with my 17-35):

    • [E-Session] The main reason for this visit, though, was because my fiance and I were taking the second half of our e-session with Kenny Kim.  You can be sure I’ll be linking to the images when he posts them, but for now you can check out our wedding website (work in progress), and here’s one of my faves from our first session a few months back that we turned into our save the dates:
    • [Quarantine] Sunday night my fiance and I went to go watch Quarantine, which is surprising because (1) it was her turn to pick the movie and (2) she always picks romantic comedies.  Sadly, she wanted to watch ‘Nights of Rodanthe’ but it was no longer in theaters, so she settled for this.  It was a decent film overall.  I’m not a fan of unrealistic movies (for scary movies), and this one had a more realistic flavor to it, which made it work.
    • [Quality Time] My past few ‘encounters’ with my fiance have been a bit rough with various other responsibilities and events going on, but this weekend we had an extended time together which was great! We were able to just spend some quality time together, as well as make some progress on wedding planning and such. All in all, I couldn’t ask for a better weekend with the soon to be Mrs…less than 10 months away!
    • [Gas Prices] When I left to head out to U of I on Friday, the cheapest gas price I found was around 3.09. This is what I filled up with when I left (felt so liberating) {sorry, the iPhone takes pictures sideways…}
  • [Fantasy] I done and done it again.  Another breakout game provides another W, and helps me jump another 3 places into 7th overall…people are starting to get scared!


  • [Photo Challenge] About 1 week left to get your self-portraits in…help me connect a name with a face!
  • [Winter Weather] Today I woke up and had to scrape ice off my windshield…I’m not ready for this.  Need to go invest in some gloves, hats and scarves soon…

[10.27.08] Monday Night Recap

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