Baking Competition

[2 min read]

During my senior year of college, I attempted to create a baking competition.  The rules were pretty simple- each person would make one dessert, and it would be judged on taste, presentation, and creativity.  My roommates and myself would be the impartial judges, and the winner would be know as the “Best Baker”.  It didn’t go over too well…not only did people not participate, but they took the time to call me selfish and just trying to get people to bake for me.  It was from that point that I turned away from baking.

Well, my roommate had sort of a bake-off for his company, and so I went over to help him out a bit.  He was making his secret recipe for oreo balls.

To spice up the presentation, he wanted to add a little strawberry syrup on the plate, but couldn’t get an even flow.  In my quick thinking, we cut a hole in the bottom of a paper cup, and BAM!  I’m a genius!  “Top Chef” here I come!

We finished it all with a few mint leaves for garnish, to help portray a mini faux-Christmas tree.

Hopefully he wins!