• [Photo Challenge] Just a reminder that we’re a little over halfway through November’s challenge, and the weather (at least here) is changing drastically into winter so be sure to get your “Fall” pictures taken!
  • [NavJeevan] The NavJeevan Centre is an organization in India that my church is connected with, which helps children of women who are in the Red Light District.  For the past few years, we’ve been able to send a team out every year for a few weeks to serve out there, build relationships with the kids, and things like that.  This past Friday, most of the team members took off for two weeks, which include my sister and brother-in-law.  In total, its a team of 8 that will be out there spanning 4 weeks.  Keep them in your prayers, for both physical and spiritual protection.
  • [Winter] I’m not sure what the true definition is for the change in seasons, but this is how I know:

  • [Bears] For the first time Lovie’s career as head coach, we lost to the Packers…and it was to Aaron Rodgers too!  It was an extremely sad game to watch.  Our defense got owned, and our offense played like…our offense.  Not a good combo.  If we don’t make changes fast it’s going to be a fast fall from the top.
  • [Fantasy] It’s official…I’m knocked out of playoff contention.  I had some poor management yet again with my RBs, but even if I picked the best lineup and my opponent made the worst choice, I’d have still lost – it was just one of those weeks.  All well, it was a fun 11 weeks so far, and for the last two I’ll just play the role of spoiler.
  • [Snuggies] For some reason, I seem to be stumbling across a bunch of infomercials as I flip through channels.  And the latest one that scared me was for “Snuggies“…I seriously thought it was some sort of cult-ish outfit when I watched.  Would anyone of you guys wear this?  Or more importantly, do any of you already have it?  (And if so, please disregard the “cult-ish” statement :) )  The big question:  Have you purchased anything off an infomercial, and did it live up to the hype?
  • [MammothMen] So a little while back a group of 6 awesome photographer friends got together for a week away for Snowboarding and fun times in Mammoth, and its become a regular occurence now.  They have now doubled in size, and are on version3 of their trip, which is being fully documented on their blog.  So if you’re looking for an overload of awesomeness, be sure to keep up with them.  If Indians enjoyed cold weather sports, I would so be looking for my own set of Mammoth Men.  But alas, we do not…but is anyone looking to just get away for some fully documented fun times!?!?!  Let me know!
  • [Wish List] Christmas is right around the corner, so I guess its time to start thinking about what I’d like to get (that’s reasonably priced and not photo-related).  Any suggestions?  What was your favorite Christmas gift and why?  What are you looking forward to getting this year?  Help a brother out!

[11.17.08] Monday Night Recap

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