• [Photo Challenge] August is coming to a close, so be sure to start sending your images in this week!
  • [Cubbies] 5 games up in the NL Central with 31 games to play.  It’s exciting times around here!
  • [Fantasy] With the NFL Season right around the corner, that means that start of updates from my fantasy football happenings.  I’m in a league with a few friends, with the winner getting an NFL jersey of their choice!  Wish me luck (I missed the draft and even though I pre-ranked my players, it didn’t work out that great).  If you guys have suggestions of which jersey to get when I win, let me know!
  • [ABDC] SoReal Cru had never been up for elimination at all this season, yet SuperCrew wins the whole thing.  Do you think it was simply the novelty of b-boy that got it for them, or were they truly better dancers?
  • [Phuc and Sherry] On Saturday, I had a chance to second shoot with Kenny Nakai again for the wedding of Phuc and Sherry.  It was tons of fun and very cultural with two tea ceremonies!  Here’s the teaser for now…
  • Phuc and Sherry's Wedding in Chicago, IL

  • [Sudha and Stinson] I had the honor of doing a family shoot with Sudha, Stinson and their two beautiful daughters on Sunday out at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle.  I’ll get the full story up later, but for now enjoy the teasers:
  • Stinson and Sudha's Family Portraits in Lisle, IL
    Stinson and Sudha's Family Portraits in Lisle, IL

  • [Equinox] For those who have followed my blog for awhile, you know that I’ve had a great membership at Equinox in the Loop.  The only problem with the membership is that I really haven’t gone…I think I’ve been there about 4-5 times this year!  But now it’s time for a change!  They’ve upgraded their membership cards and I just got mine in the mail, which has renewed my energy already (I feel very prestigious with it).  So keep me accountable in at least improving my regularity with working out through this next year (…my current rate is a little under once a month, I think).  Any suggestions on how to stay motivated/disciplined in this area?  I think I’ll start this Thursday or Friday.
  • [The Tipping Point] OK, I’ve fallen very far behind in my reading goal of 12 books in 2008.  But I finished The Tipping Point a little bit ago for book #4, and am almost done with The E-Myth Revisited.  The Tipping Point is a really interesting read that makes me look a lot deeper in the details of outcomes and effects rather than accepting the obvious or norm.

[08.08.25] Monday Night Recap

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