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    There seemed to have been people who were unable to post comments (which is sad…I like comments!)  I’m not sure what the issue was/is, but hopefully everyone can do it now.  The screenshot above shows you where the comments are.  At the bottom of every post (and the welcome at the top), you’ll see a gray bar.  If you click on “show comments” you’ll see everyone’s comments…if you click “add a comment” you can add your own comment…so simple!  (You’re name and e-mail are required to help prevent spam…and don’t worry, I won’t spam you!)  Let me know if you guys are still having issues…

  • [Facebook Fan Page]

    Right after I launched the new blogsite, I set up a Facebook Fan Page as well!First, be my friend!  Then, be a fan!  At the page, I’ll be posting some mini-albums from shoots that I do, and my blog posts get uploaded there as well (in case you find yourself only able to access facebook for some reason).  Also, I’ll post a random question in the ‘Discussion’ area so make sure you go there and respond!  The first question is already up- If you had $10 that you HAD to spend by the end of the day, what would you buy?

  • [ABDC] It’s been awhile since I posted about America’s Best Dance Crew…mainly because I haven’t been watching.  But I was able to catch a recap of last week’s show, which surprisingly leads us into the finals this week.  Now, I was a huge fan of SoReal and I love bboys and breakers, but Fanny Pack seriously stole the show!  I can’t believe they got sent home, especially with their last routine.  They definitely are the most creative group this year.  Ah well, so who do you think will win it…Super Crew or SoReal Crew?
  • [Cubbies] Just finished up a series with St. Louis and won 2 of 3.  This gets more and more exciting as each day goes by…Cubbies in the WS!
  • [Ekta & Dig] This past Saturday two of my college friends had their formal engagement ceremony (this first in our group of friends).  It was very interesting culturally for me, because although I am Indian, this was my first Hindu ceremony.  Here are a few pics…
    Generally, this was my view, so I wasn’t able to get as cultured as I would have liked :)
  • [The Dark Knight] Am I the last person to see it?  Probably…I’m always late with movies.  I was a little concerned that it wouldn’t live up to the hype for me, but I was really impressed with it.  Of course, much of the time I was just watching the scenes and figuring out where in Chicago it was filmed (I remember seeing props and cars and such last year while they were filming), but it was one of the movies that had a bit of everything for me.  Oh…I never was much of a superhero/comic book guy before, but I think I finally found my favorite:  Joker!  Seriously, when of the best played roles right there.
  • [Adobe Air] Have you guys heard of Adobe Air?  It’s basically Adobe’s attempt to bridge the web and the desktop computer.  Although I heard about it before, I recently found out about TweetDeck, which is a Twitter environment, and figured I might as well see what it’s all about.  And like everything, once I get something like this, I have to search through all the programs and start trying everything out.  I think I’m done searching for now, but here are the 4 that I like:

    I no longer need to login to twitter!  Plus, I can create different groups of people, and get notifications of when people reply to my tweets or just others tweet.  It actually makes twitter more addicting, but I like it!  (It will get out of control, though, when I get the iPhone…then expect 1 tweet an hour [just kidding…hopefully])
    Google Analytics

    I use Google Analytics to track my web stats – how many people visit my site, where they are coming from, etc.  It’s a very powerful program, and now it got even more simpler because:  I don’t need to open up firefox and log in!  Just fire up the program, and all my stats are there.

    And this is how I become chained to other people’s blogs.  I’ve imported all my blogs from Google Reader into this program, which puts a little ticker at the bottom of your screen that shows all the recent posts.  It also shows an icon of the first image in the post, as well as has its own little pop up environment to view the full posts.  The downside is it doesn’t interact with Google Reader so even if I read something through Snackr, it will still show up as unread in the reader.  A good thing is that you can also hide the ticker if its too distracting.
    Adobe Kuler

    Kuler is an online color picker, which is an amazing tool for designers.  I use kuler to create different color swatches to use for design and such.  Now I still need to create these palletes online (I think), but with Adobe Air I can see my own creations and other people’s swatches without going online, and automatically import them into Photoshop.  That makes designing so much more faster!

    My own recommendation, though, is to put all the apps on a second monitor…otherwise you’re going to be REALLY distracted with everything.