Time for me to catch up on some blogging now that the new site is up!  A little after the deadline, but I did receive images for the July challenge!  The way I’ll do it from now on is I’ll showcase my favorite (or two), and you can see all the submissions through the dropdown link (under Extras->Photo Challenge).

So this time, my favorite is from DM, who took this shot during a game of ‘quick scrabble’.  “Forever” is worth 13 points…more if it was on a board and like a triple word score or something!

NMP Photo Challenge - Scrabble

And I must give some credit to Leena T for this capture of ‘Jenga’…gotta love the nticipation of the fall…

NMP Photo Challenge - Jenga

You can see the rest of the submissions here, or just use the navigation above. Remember to check out August’s challenge!