• [Photo Challenge] Yep…June’s challenge is right here.
  • [Summer League] WOW. Within the first 7 days, we maxed our capacity for Summer League! Last year was the first season, and we had about 70 players…this year we boosted it to 90 and already maxed out! A waiting list is open for another week or so in case people drop for some reason, but regardless its time to get hype! Summer League is taking over Sunday nights!
  • [Cubbies] 45-25. That’s right…best record in baseball, 20 games over .500. PLEASE! Somebody take me to a (couple) game(s)!!!!!!!
  • [NBA] The playoffs should be over. I mean, the past two games, the Lakers were up by at least 19 points, and blew the lead. They somehow were able to pull it out in the last game, but I really don’t think they can survive too more games…do you?
  • [Painting] Some of you know that my sister is getting married in July. And it’s bit of a tradition in our community (I don’t know where the tradition started or why) that when someone gets married a part of the house gets remodeled in some way, shape or form (yeah…the tradition doesn’t make sense, I know). I think for my oldest sister we redid our bathrooms. This time I around, we repainted our family room, so the weekend was spent setting it up and paiting it all…looks good, though. Once the paint dries we’ll be good to go!
  • [Picture] And so I don’t have a post without a picture, here’s one from a set I’m currently working on…

…am I the only one picturing it as a 20×30 canvas hanging above the couch in the main room?!!? I love it!