Boda Bag Review

[3 min read]

So there were a few questions/interest in the Boda Bag that I just got, so i wanted to throw a little review. Mind you this is the original Boda, and they’ve come out with the Boda Dry and the Boda Dry Jr. (both look very interesting), but here’s my take on it. Oh, and if you haven’t noticed before, my room is not the most perfect choice for product photography, so for a better look, check out the website!

I’ve been in a hunt to find a shooting bag, because its just not feasible to carry around all your gear, and I don’t like having to constantly go back to my bag whenever I need to switch lenses or something. When I second shot for Kenny earlier in the year, he had his Boda with him and let me do the wedding with it, and I knew this is what I needed. There’s nothing extremely fancy about it, but it gets the job done, which is exactly what I needed.
So, generally, this is what I’ll be carrying with me when i do my shoots (obviously this isn’t all the gear (ie. no camera body!), but this gives you an idea:

(1) 70-200 2.8 IS L
(2) 24-70 2.8
(3) 430EX Flash
(4) Notebook and Writing Utensil
(5) Extra AA Batteries for Flashes
(6) Extra Batteries for Body
(7) Extra CF Cards
(8) Cell Phone
(9) Business Cards
(10) Snacks (you always need some extra energy)
(11) 17-35 2.8-4

The first image was shot with the 17-35, which is why it wasn’t included in the main layout.

So generally, that’s what I carry. When I pack it all up in the Boda, this is what I get:

PERFECT! I just sling my camera on one shoulder and the Boda over the other, and I’m good to go! It’s got flap top as well as a zippered top to easily get to the lenses, which makes changing them MUCH more efficient for me. And it was so fun when I was going through the bag, because every time I thought something like “OK, where should put the camera batteries?”, I opened a flap and there was a special spot just for it! I still have a few empty pockets and such that will still need to be filled, but I’m not trying to pack this thng with as much as I can because then it’s just added weight to slow me down. So for now, I’ve got all I need.
Like I said, I use this bag while on shoots for easy access to my gear and other necessities, but I do have another bag/case for traveling and storage.

So there you have it. I can’t really comment on the other shooting bags on the market, but I do know that this one was well worth it for me. Not only is it functional, but oh so stylish!