I know it’s past midnight, but I just got back from a fun dinner with the Bebbs and some others (I’ll update with links to their sites/blogs when I have a bit more time).

  • [Photo Challenge] I know I’ve been very delayed on the last results (apologies), but remember: the new one is already posted!
  • [Summer League] Last year we had an amazing time at the first annual Summer Basketball League, and since it was met with such great enthusiasm, we’re doing it again! Get the word out because registration ends June 30th and the season starts on Sunday, July 6th. We can only take a maximum of 90 players, and we’re a third of the way there (in only about 2 days), so hurry up! (side note: for anyone who registered this weekend prior to 10am this morning, you need to re-register as our system went down and we lost your info…sorry guys!)
  • [Things To Come] You’ve probably noticed a few changes going on here, most obviously with my new imge brand. It’s just the beginning, as I have some changes coming up hopefully at the end of the month. Keep an eye out…here’s a blurry teaser…

  • [Boda Bag] I ordered the original Boda Bag and I got it in the mail this past Friday, just in time for an e-session and wedding. I borrowed Kenny‘s when I second shot with him and I knew I needed it…I’m happy!
  • [Lenie & Namrita] On Saturday morning I shot an e-session for Lenie and Namrita in Chicago, who are getting married in Atlanta July 12th. Here’s a quick favorite:

  • [Dianna & Jeff] After the e-session, I had a quick break before heading over to shoot the wedding of Dianna and Joe. Of course, I’ll do a more thorough recap later, for now I’ll let a few picture talk:

  • [ABDCv2] Anybody watch the live casting of the second season of America’s Best Dance Crew? I’m impressed with a couple groups, but a little upset with a few of the crews that advanced. What do you think? I’m thinking its Supreme Soul will take it all…quote it here.
  • [The Bebbs] The Bebbs were in town all the way from Vancouver, Canada for their Bebbinar Seminar this week, so a bunch of the photogs got together for a dinner at Weber Grill downtown. It’s always a blast hanging out with everyone. Sadly, regardless of how late I get in…I still need to wake up early. Ah well, so is life. Goodnight everyone!