• [Photo Challenge] As always, I’m providing a bit of a grace period for last month’s challenge. Keep sending it in until I post the submissions. I’ll hopefully have the next challenge up sometime tomorrow…keep an eye out!
  • [Cubbies] How could you miss it? They went 7-0 on this past 7-game homestand! I LOVE IT! #1 in the majors (oh, and the White Sox are #1 in the AL Central working off a 3-game losing streak…well done to you as well). We’ve been coming from behind and proving ourselves, so I’m pretty happy. Tonight we’ve got Zambrano on the mound looking for his 8th win…I’m feeling good!
  • [Bulls] Looks like its almost official we got ourselves a new head coach…good ol’ Doug Collins. Not sure how it’ll look from a win/loss outlook, but it will definitely be a nostalgic time with Collins back in charge (…I know I was like 4 when he coached, but still…I know history!).
  • [Youth Chaplain] This past Saturday, my home church held a special program to meet our new youth chaplain, a pastor who will be dedicated to the youth and young adults of our church. It started with a short discussion time with everyone, and followed with a rousing game of softball! I like shooting things like this for fun at times, because it lets me have some fun with the processing…what do you think?

  • [Baby Seylah] On Saturday, I visited my to-be sister-in-law, and took a bunch of portraits of their newest addition. She seriously didn’t have a care in the world during the shoot…got to love it. I think this one is my favorite…I think…

  • [Facebook Friends] Are you desperate for friends on facebook? This seems to be a great way to meet new people and get new friends! What do you think…would you ever purchase/where this?

  • (oh, and if you aren’t my friend on facebook yet, you can find my profile here :) )

[06.02.08] Monday Night Recap

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