• [Photo Challenge] There’s about a week left in this month’s challenge! This one takes a bit more ‘creativity’ and possible ‘work’ than the earlier ones, but I know my blog readers can do it! Looking forward to seeing your work!
  • [Cubbies] We’ve hit a bit of a slide lately, but no worries. Still holding strong at #1 in the NL Central…you can’t win ’em all, right?
  • [LinkedIn] I’ve been trying to expand my network/’net-worth’ in many ways, as well as broaden my connections with others. My latest attempt is through the online professional network of LinkedIn. I’ve avoided it before just because I didn’t feel like joining another online network, but I recently recognized just how beneficial it could be. The biggest thing for me is realizing what everyone does! I have many friends in many different industries (medicine, teaching, engineering, business, etc.), but I really never knew what it was specifically. By knowing other people’s industries and abilities, we can find a way to see how we can benefit them, or they might be able to provide help for us. So get connected!
  • [Surprise Party] On Friday, I shot Ajoy’s surprise birthday party thrown by his sisters, held at Bin36 in downtown Chicago. Everything was beautifully set up and everybody had a great time. Here’s a detail shot to hold you over until i get them all processed:

  • Ajoy's Surprise Party at Bin36 in Chicago IL

  • [2 Years] On Saturday, my girlfriend and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary. We don’t always have tons of time to spend with each because she’s normally out in Champaign and we both have busy schedules (even in the summer), but we were able to take a day trip together downtown to Navy Pier. For her sake, though, I left the camera at home (…but I do plan on making another Navy Pier trip this summer for the purpose of taking pictures). We wandered the loop, went to Millennium Park, had dinner at Capi’s, saw a Vaudeville Magician, went on the Ferris Wheel, and took a Seadog boat ride (note: wear many layers on that thing…it’s cold!) All in all, it was a blast and very well needed.
  • [CMTC] On Sunday, it was a special time at my home church, as we had two of our diocesan bishops visiting. Because of the occasion, we had a combined service with both our church and the St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church, held in Evanston Township High School. Here’s one of my favorites…:

  • Chicago Mar Thoma Church in Evanston, IL

  • [Nap Time] I used to take a lot more naps when I was in college, but I was so drained yesterday afternoon that I took one after church…for 5 hours. During that time, I missed out on a softball game (we try to play softball on Sundays when people are free…first time this summer) as well as an after party/hangout. But I don’t mind…I needed the rest :)
  • [Memorial Day] As you probably noticed, this is an early post, because of Memorial Day. I’ll be heading over to my girlfriend’s place for lunch, and then going to my sister’s inlaws for dinner. I like these extended weekends, but I’m dreading a bit to go back to work…going to be some busy times this week. Ah well, so is life…Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

[05.26.08] Monday Night Recap

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