• [Photo Challenge] We’ve got a little over a week left in this month’s challenge. This one requires a bit more ‘creativity’ on your part as the photographer, but should be tons of fun! Get ’em in!
  • [Twitter] I tried doing this before, and after one tweet (is that what it’s called?) I stopped. But I’m going to try to get back on this again. Maybe I’ll even start updating my Facebook away message with twitter as I seem to be a bit bad about updating that one either. Soooo…FOLLOW ME!
  • [Equinox] It happened. I renewed my contract with my gym (after going like 5 times in the past 6 months). But I’m determined now. I met with a Personal Trainer (complimentary) and they told me just how out of shape of was, which will hopefully kick me in the right direction. Wish me luck and make sure I go more regularly!
  • [Cubbies] Still flying high in first place in the NL Central. Today we take care of the Astros 7-2, capped with an inside-the-park home run by our catcher Geovany Soto. I definitely need to find a way to make it to a couple games this year. Please take me!
  • [Children’s Museum] So, it seems that through my work, I get free access (along with 3 guests) to the Chicago Children’s Museum. I think it might seem a bit shady for me to walk around there taking pictures of random children, so if anyone is interested in going on a Saturday when I’m free, I’d be more than happy to get you in (…s long as you don’t mind me photographing you and your child).
  • [Playoffs] I feel like I haven’t been as ‘into’ the NBA playoffs…but its reaching the end. We got Boston vs. Detroit and the Lakers vs. the Spurs. Who you got? I’m not much of a fan of any of these squads, but I think I’d like to see KG get one…he deserves it.
  • [Podcasts] I have about a 45 minute trip to and from the city everyday, and so many times I try to read during the train ride, but sometimes it’s just not feasible to pull out a book. So I’ve been quite into listening to podcasts, and decided I might as well give you guys a list of a few that I listen to quite regularly (in no particular order):
    • Photoshop User TV (video) – Before I even started photography, I’ve been following these guys because they provide quite of few interesting tips and tricks in using Photoshop.
    • The [b] School (video) – Becker (photographer) has been putting out these video shorts in prepartion for his online [b] school for photographers. I recommend any into photography as more than just a hobby to check out these videos as he covers many things from contracts to organization and many things in between.
    • Desiring God Sermon Audio – A great preacher and author in John Piper provides these sermon podcasts that are very deep and powerful. It takes a bit of focus to really understand, but its amazing and challenging to hear the passion of this man.
    • A New Beginning with Greg Laurie – Pastor Greg Laurie is from California and I’ve been following his podcasts for a few years now. He has a pretty laid back approach in his preaching style, and is able to speak clearly and simply well not watering down a message.Link
    • TEDTalksTED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design, and it’s been an conference that’s been held for years bringing together the greatest thinkers and doers of our age to share their knowledge. These keynotes have all been posted online, and its very inspirational. Topics can range from advancements in medical science to using the Wii as a virtual white board. It’s amazing to see the potential of our world through these talks.
    • Let My People Think (RZIM) – This podcast is from Ravi Zacharias, who is one of the most powerful Christian apologist I have ever heard. His theology and explanation is extremely profound, but again requires focus to truly understand. It’s not something you can multi-task with (…at least I can’t without getting confused).
  • [Jane and Alan] Last year I had the pleasure of shooting an e-session and engagement ceremony for my friend’s Jane and Alan, and this past Saturday was their wedding! I attended as a guest, but I just had to bring my camera out. I’ll post more later, but here’s a little teaser for you:

  • Jane an Alan's Wedding

    Jane an Alan's Wedding

    Jane an Alan's Wedding

  • [Nisha and Joel] For those who don’t know, my sister is getting married this summer, and so on Sunday I did an e-session with them out in Prospect Heights. Again, I’ll have a more detailed post when I process all the images, but I feel it’s only right I leave you with another teaser:

  • Nisha and Joel's E-Session

    Nisha and Joel's E-Session

  • [ICF] After the e-session, I made my way over to an alumni reunion of the Indian Christian Fellowship, which was a ministry I served in during my time at the University of Illinois. It was a great time to reconnect with many of the alumni as well as recent grads…and you guessed, more images will come later, but for now a tease:

Indian Christian Fellowship Alumni Reunion

Indian Christian Fellowship Alumni Reunion

Indian Christian Fellowship Alumni Reunion

[05.19.08] Monday Night Recap

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