• [Cubbies] An off day today, but we’re still above 500! It’s the little victories that keep me going…it’s still early. I still haven’t seen a game yet (not even on TV!), but that’s why its a 162 game season.
  • [Photo Challenge] We’re halfway through the month! Keep taking those pictures and get your images in for the photo challenge!
  • [UIUC] So this past weekend I made my last trip of the semester down to U of I to visit my wonderful girlfriend (and all the others). It was a rather busy time for everyone, so I wasn’t able to make my visits and such like I normally do, but I still had a blast. It’s always great to go back…my home away from home.
    • [CFC] I got in Friday night, and caught the end of large group at Covenant Fellowship Church, the church I attended during my undergrad. Although I’ve been gone for over a year, it still feels like I’ve been there every week day in and day out. On Sunday, Pastor Min game a message on our dual natures which makes me want to go back and hear the podcast from last week’s message (since this was part two). A little something-something that caught my attention:
      • Don’t be too impressed with the greatness of people, and don’t be too surprised by their sin
      • Growth is not a weaker propensity of sin, but just a stronger ability to fight
    • [ICF] My other ministry on campus was the Indian Christian Fellowship, and I was able to hang out with a select group on Friday night. A quick game of catchphrase followed by a rousing time of the bowl game kept us busy until the wee hours of the morning. Good times!

    • [Bloomington] On Saturday, Nithya and I took a trip out to Bloomington to visit my good friends Jason and Susan, and their little one Isabelle. One thing I love about Bloomington: the price of gas was $3.20. That was about 20 cents cheaper than what was at U of I, which is a few cents cheaper than up here! It was a fun catching up with them and spending some time with Isabelle. She’s quite the character!

    And here she is getting ready to enjoy her long awaited dessert:

  • [Colbert] Anyone watch the Colbert Report today from Philly? He sang the National Anthem with John Legend. I must say, he did surprise me…he’s got a decent voice.
  • [Delayed Posts] Keep an eye out, as I’ve fallen behind on quite a few posts that I wanted to get out. Things like an S&P on TaDa Lists, a book review on ‘Never Eat Alone’ (I’ve started my new book ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’…it might take me over a month to finish though), and some photography tips are just a piece of what to expect. Sorry for the delay!

[04.14.08] Monday Night Recap

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