Pimp My Ride

[2 min read]

Back in the day, I spoke about how my dad was MacGyver-esque in the way that he was fixing up our van…a 1991 Chevy Astro. And (this post is slightly over do), I’m here to announce that he is truly amazing in his skill. Screw West Coast Customs or GAS, my dad’s got mad skill. Who else can take a vehicle that looks like this:

And turn it into this:

OK, all joking aside, it’s finally happened. The Big Red Van had been through alot…logging many, many miles. I remember trips to Canada…and Detroit…and Philadelphia…and New York (…yeah, we never flew places…). It was the ultimate caravan. And the best transporter whenever someone needed help.
But earlier this year, it took it’s final breath. Well, technically it still worked, but the brakes were shot. So you could drive it, you just couldn’t stop it. So, after a little look into fixing it by my dad (he seriously wanted to keep it), he finally decided to give up and buy a new car. So he’s gone from the ‘vintage’ Van to a pimp Accord. We donated the van to the American Lung Association (I wonder what they plan on doing with it), so at least someone will put it to use.

It’s been a good…17 years (my goodness…I’ve had this van longer than some of you blog readers have been in alive!). Fun times…rest in peace.