Trend Setting

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A few people have forwarded references of this article on to me this past week, and so I wanted to take this opportunity to let everyone know that, even if you feel your voice is small, you will be heard.
This past year, I’d taken on a small role in my church to simply give the general announcements after our large group meetings on Fridays. And so, in order to spice up the time, I searched for a buzz word- one that would get people hype. There were two that I felt would be strong: “Holler” and “Woot”. Now I had been using holler for a couple years now, and so I might not have carried the same ‘new-ness’ with the people that I was hoping for. Luckily, the ‘woot’ stuck. Initially, it took some time for people to lower their pride and ‘woot’ back, but through the year people got more and more comfortable.
You might be thinking, ‘How do these two correlate?’ It’s obvious. After these meetings, the kids started taking the ‘woot’ into the schools and communities, and it just kept spreading. From a local church, it’s now gone nation-wide, and being recognized by a dictionary as the word of the year. Now that’s amazing.

Inspirational Message…
You might not think that your voice holds any weight in the big scheme of thing. You might feel so small. But everything has impact. Your words and actions will impact those you interact with. And likewise, they will impact a broader group, and so forth and so on. What message are you getting across? What change are you making in the world? How are you making a mark in your society?