After I stopped laughing uncontrollably (I love “What the Duck”), I realized how the “it’s funny because it’s true” phrase is just so fitting.

I’m all about technology, but I do believe it’s making us less personal, and more stupid (in a sense). We simplify our lives so much that we don’t allow ourselves to use our minds and think. How many phone numbers can you remember for the people you call regularly? In high school, I had numerous friends’ numbers memorized, and now I have my own, my house, and my girlfriend. Without my cell phone, I wouldn’t be able to get in contact with anyone.
IM is a great communication tool. I’ve talked with people from Michigan, New York, Canada, India…it’s amazing how close technology makes you feel. Then again, I had also communicated with my roommates in college by IM. With us sitting in our rooms behind closed doors, we IM’d each other. Now, this wasn’t something that happened all the time, but the convenience caused us to lose site of personal interaction.

Sometimes, it’s better to sacrifice efficiency and automation for personal contact. It’s not something I’m anywhere close to being a pro at, but this is yet another (subtle) reminder of an area to re-focus.