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When you find something you love to do, sometimes you just need to go after it. I’ve done that quite a bit of times, too. I loved acappella, so I started up (with the help of others) Second Chance Acappella. My passion for media and technology brought me to create (with 3 fellow brothers) Up All Night, Productions, which is still running strong. And my desire for my girlfriend pushed me to chase her and bring us to the state we are currently in.
I’ve always had a love for photography. There was something about capturing moments of emotions that words couldn’t express. Something about stirring feelings of joy and exciting 5 years after an event. There was a love for the ability to re-live an event through imagery, letting still pictures speak volumes.
Through college, my love for photography continued to grow, especially being surrounded by a slew of ‘photographers’ at CFC. This setting actually caused me to retire from photography – I was too disappointed in my limitations of a point & shoot that vowed not to shoot again until I got a dSLR. Through this time, however, I started learning; learning about framing, and lighting, and exposure, and focal lengths, and photoshop, and marketing…anything and everything that could quench my desire. And I slowly picked up the P&S again, and later fulfilled the dream of my dSLR.
It is with great excitement that I can say that I am officially jumping into photography, and unveiling nmathaiphotography. There’s always so much to learn and my passion continues to grow. My desire is to really build relationships, and provide a service that will bring more joy to my clients than anything else I could offer them. Pray for me as I step into this new arena…TGBATG.