Alyssa’s Baptism

[3 min read]

This past weekend I had the honor of being the photographer at my cousin’s baby’s baptism (She’s not really a niece…but the next closest thing, I guess). It’s crazy to realize how old my cousins (and myself) are getting. This ‘next generation’ just keeps growing larger and larger, and we keep getting older and older. Weird concepts.
I was attempting to shoot fully manual at this event, because it seems like the right thing to do from here on out. My goodness it’s a lot to keep track of. After a few shots at Manual, for fear of missing something good, I quickly moved back to Av and shot with comfort. I realize I’m not practicing enough in my off-time (…well, I don’t even have much ‘off-time’ right now). Starting next week I think I’m going be attaching the camera to my hip again and practice like crazy. But without further ado: