In an effort to blog more regularly, I’m going to try to instill the “Monday Night Recap” – mainly a collection of randomness that normally will encompass my weekend activities/encounters, and possibly other thoughts that come up. Hope you enjoy (…let me know if you don’t…I won’t stop, but it’s nice to get feedback :) ). Here we go…

  • [UIUC] This weekend I was able to make another visit to the greatness that is the University of Illinois at Urbana, Champaign. Just like home…no matter how much things change, things just don’t seem to change. Good times.
  • [REVIVAL] This would be Revival #6 for me, and yet another blessing. Initially I had hopes of grabbing some amazing shots, but I decided to just sit back and just absorb. I think CFC is the reason I’m a Canon shooter- you don’t recognize it initially, but throughout any event you’re bound to see at least 6 different people wandering around with the white L lens (I have lens envy, yes). I did grab a couple shots from my spot in the balcony though (with all the Indians, as usual). [side note: it truly is a family at CFC. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been gone for a month, a year, or 10 years: they remember you, they are praying for you, and they welcome you.] As some subpoints, here’s a glimpse at the blessings/convictions/thoughts/etc.:
    • God places you under authority to teach you to lead from your current position
    • decision declaration is different than decision fulfillment
    • an ungrateful heart will never see God
    • sometimes all our human glory needs to be taken away from us, in order for us to know/see that His glory is all that really matters
    • the Bible is not about Moses, Joseph, David, Daniel, Ruth, Paul, etc. (simple concept, yet strikingly eye-opening)
    • God’s promises are based on the integrity of God; it has nothing to do with you
    • trying to fulfill the law is legalistic; not fulfilling the law is rebellion; recognize that you have no control and you are utterly helpless – then let the Spirit fulfill the laws from within you (still digesting this one)
  • [ICF] I still feel so old. Luckily, there weren’t as many freshmen/new faces, and I was accompanied with a couple alumn that came down.
  • [Second Shooter] OK, so it wasn’t an event, nor did I hire him. But I do like the concept of having someone else get the shots you missed (or don’t feel like taking- I’ve got to enjoy posed pictures more). Oh, and this in a way signifies an acceptance of Nikon gear (not for me, but allowing others to shoot with it).
  • [Bears] The first time I missed a game all year, and Griese throws for 300+ (and only 1 TD). Happy for a win, even happier that Robbie Gould was on his game (nice getting 10+ points from your kicker in fantasy; sad when that’s 20% of your total points for the week).

OK, well hopefully that was as exciting for you as it was for me. Now on to the pictures and a different style of processing for this batch (and congrats, not just the top 10, you get all 21!).