Week 3 of Summer League was my first opportunity to try out the 30D with action shots. Let me tell you, there’s a lot to learn. It was a really good experience for me to get to know the camera a lot better, and learn from my mistakes.
Summer League itself has been a great thing so far. Being the first year of trying this out, we’ve had positive reviews overall, with great competition. This really looks to be something to take off in the future years. As long as at the root of it we keep fellowship and outreach as our focus, this will continue you to be a blessing. And what’s better, my team is in the divisional finals! Normally there would be talks about how a league/tournament is rigged when the one putting it together makes it towards the end, but with the draft and all, there really is nothing to yell about. My squad isn’t the picture perfect group in any sense, but we play well as a team and get the job done. Hopefully we’ll get it done into the finals and win the whole thing this Sunday.
Again, here’s a few of the shots from day3 of the league (sorry I didn’t have the camera for day1 and day2), and the full set can be viewed either through Picasa or the Summer League website.