The MTC Car Wash was my first opportunity to try out my new Canon 30D. Right now I’ve just got a 24-70mm lens, but its still better than what I’ve been using (an SD600 point and shoot). One thing I’ve noticed is that there’s a lot less ‘necessary’ post-process that I need to get done. Which just allows me to get more creative. I’m looking forward for my wide angle to come in, and will begin the savings process for a telephoto (…after I get an engagement ring, obviously).
The car wash itself wasn’t as financially productive as in the past, mainly because Maine East was having their own car wash a couple blocks away. Kind of hard for us to compete with girls in bikini’s and short shorts. But it was still fun, and were able to make some money for Praise Night. This year, the church will be hosting a Praise Night at Harper College on August 17 for $5 a person, with all proceeds (everything) going to the Navjeevan missions project in India, which works with children of women in the Red Light District in Mumbai. For us to do fund such an event, we rely on fundraisers and any donations people are willing to give. You are interested in financially supporting this year’s praise night, send me a message. (Oh, and let me know if you want to come so I can get you a ticket before they sell out).

Without much further ado, here are a few of the pics from the day, with the full set available through picasa until I figure out a better way to post (any suggestions?)…

MTC Car Wash Photoshoot

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