Two years already…it’s crazy. It’s amazing just how fast these children are growing up. Such a young age, yet you already see their preferences, their desires, their passions. Each one relates to other children and other people in different ways. I can’t really remember much from when I was too, but just looking at these little ones – I at least know that I was just as selfish then as I was now. I don’t say it in a way to fault these kids, but just stating the truth of the matter: From birth we live to please ourselves. We cling to those who give us what we want, and push those away who don’t. And unless anyone tells us otherwise, we’ll never change. But praise God for these parents. They’ve accepted the call to raise this next generation in the way of the Lord.
In about 15 years these kids will be getting ready for college. Where will they go? What impact will they make? How prepared will they be? This is the “next generation” of leaders…it’s going to be amazing watching them grow.