Such familiarity, yet so different. It’s crazy to think how much things stay the same, but also drastically change.
It’s been around 6 months since my last visit to the great University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. First and foremost I got to see my girlfriend who is in her second year of law school out there (obviously smarter than I am). In addition, I have 3 children who go to school there (not biologically kids, but something like that). And like 500 other people through the Indian Christian Fellowship and Covenant Fellowship Church who I needed to say hi to. It’s always great to see these people, but 4 days is not enough time to cover everyone/everything. I need to take a 2 week break to get through everything.
I wasn’t able to capture everything I wanted to because there are too many photogenic people who fear the camera (…something I seem to face on a regular basis). I was, however, able to spend a good amount of time with my girl, wander the quad for a short moment, attend a large group service again, get breakfast with the kids and other ICFers, join the next generation of Muscle Masala for a practice, and close off the trip with a Bears win. So actually, there more motion than rest, but well worth it.
See things the way I saw it (…or at least parts of it)…

University of Illinois

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