Indecent Exposure (?)

[2 min read]

18 years old. That is normally a senior in high school/freshman in college. Now think back – what did your eyes see, your ears hear, and your lives encounter up through that point? I continue to be worried about how as each day passes, the younger generation gets exposed to so much filth at such a young age. And my desire is that the Word of Truth will be able to shine so much stronger in that generation than we’ve ever seen before.
It’s almost laughable that there would be an attempt to restrict reading of the Word because of such claims. But it’s more disturbing than humorous. I’m not denying that the Bible doesn’t contain stories of rape and of murder. But the main idea is the redemption of those areas. The Bible takes situations in our lives that each person encouters, the good and the bad, and then explains how it all is to be redeemed for Christ, and how we are all falling under God’s will and authority.
What kind of generation do we live in where shut the doors of knowledge and life? The one way to pull people out of these areas of darkness, people are trying to remove it. We need to pray for our world. Pray for Hong Kong. Pray for His Kingdom.

::redemptive situation:> Hopefully everyone who reads this article will go and grab a bible to read all these stories. Yet another way that God is redeeming attacks against truth.