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Well it’s been about 5 months since I last posted…my apologies. I had been doing a semi-decent job with posts, but the transitions of life kept me busy enough to hold off on this. Although the transition continues, I’m trying to get this aspect of my life going again…started with a short breath, attempting to get it revived. We’ll start the revival process with an update of what’s been going on since then:

  • Graduated from the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) with a BS in Mathematics and a minor in Computer Science
  • Moved back into my parents house, and swapped my old room with the “guest” room
  • Took on the position of Vice President of the youth fellowship at my home church
  • Men’s Small Group ministry (MSG) split to form two groups, Northside and Southside
  • Traveled for 2 weeks to India to visit family, forced to stay an extra week because passports were stolen
  • Chicago Bulls swept the Miami Heat to defeat the defending champions in the first round of the NBA Playoffs
  • Hired full-time by Select Hotels Group (an affiliate of Global Hyatt) as a Financial Planning Analyst
  • Switched from Northside small group to Southside small group

And that is where we stand today…

Well, instead of just giving a bunch of information, here’s something to reflect on:
“There is something more powerful than sin, and that is grace.”

One thing many lack is a realistic view sin. Especial with those who were raised in the church, we’ve been preached at time and time again the story of God’s agape love and unending forgiveness. We live in such an evil world that we learn to be content with “small sins” while we judge those who do “worse”. We need to recognize that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever – the jealous, powerful God of the OT is the same forgiving, sacrificial God of the NT…and that is the same God we serve today. And we need to recognize every aspect, especially His hatred for sin.
But once we are able to do that, THEN we can see the power of grace to its fullest. Regardless of sin, grace is stronger. Whatever you’ve done, God is bigger. There is no sin God can’t forgive…plain and simple. No matter what sin was committed, there was more than enough blood shed on the cross to cover it. And that’s what we can never forget. We need to stop undermining the power of the grace of God by only feeling its work on the simpler things. Sin is powerful, but grace is stronger. Be God’s.