I’m Thankful…

[2 min read]

I’ve got to wake up in about 3 hours for the black friday (although I think it should be called ‘Red Friday” because I definitely will be in the red after this), but I wanted to throw out a quick list of what I’m thankful for (…and like everyone else- in no particular order).

– My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I mean, seriously…without Him, the rest of this is just pointless. To God be all the glory.

– A loving family who will always be there for me.

– An amazing girlfriend (who is letting me indulge in photography, even though she doesn’t fully understand the extent of my madness).

– My soon-to-be extended family, for being a family before it’s official.

– A church that has challenged and pushed me to seek change and desire more for myself, my generation, and my community.

– 3 friends who are willing to encourage my spending by traveling with me beginning at 5am tomorrow.

– My recent clients (and current inquiries), for respecting my work enough to give me the honor of capturing the precious moments in their lives.

I’m definitely too tired to go any more in depth, but this is just scratching the surface. I’m desiring for everyday to be more a day of thanks- in constant remembrance and reflection on what I have, and who I have to thank. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!