As stated earlier, I’m having a time consuming night/week, so it looks like I’ll be shooting the MNR earlier in the day.

  • [Bears] Ummm…I’m no longer blaming Rex…or even Benson. Our O-line needs to step it up.
  • [Illini] Capitol One Bowl, here we come!
  • [Reminisce] At the engagement party on Saturday evening, I got to catch up with my old hometown friends (Hillside/Bellwood/Berkeley…we grew up in the hood). Fun times remembering St. Dom’s
  • [Expanding] Growth is a good thing, and it looks like we’re set on expanding our church to accommodate our large numbers. Pray for the expansion project…we need ‘God in the details.’
  • [Life] As my post yesterday noted, my cousin had a baby boy on Friday, named Vivek (translation: wisdom). the two things that really bring me back to a moment of recognition is life and death- and God has been challenging me with both of those non-stop this year.
  • [Deadline] Just a reminder, that for everyone planning on going to the Winter Regional Conference, the first deadline is December 2nd, before a $20 late fee. So get your forms in ASAP!
  • [Black Friday | Pay Day] It’s very interesting to me that pay day is this week (an early one on Wednesday because of Thanksgiving), and Black Friday is coming as well. I think they are all out to get me…(It’s also interesting that in my 23 years of life, I’ve never gone shopping on black friday yet).

Alright, well hopefully by Wednesday I’ll have one event ready to be posted.