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During my undergrad at the University of Illinois, I had to endure 5 seasons of Illini Football, where they were 13-45…an average of just under 3 wins a season. But I bleed Orange and Blue, and the pain is starting to turn into joy. With Zook finally getting a chance to work with his recruits, they are 8-4 with one game to go (yes, that equals the amount of wins in the past 4 years combined), and were at one point ranked 18th in the nation.
But, oh, if that wasn’t enough, they just did the unthinkable, and shook the Big10. They went into Ohio Stadium to take on the undefeated, #1 team in the nation (yes, that is THE Ohio State Buckeyes), and defeated them 28-21! Juice is AMAZING! For an Illini team that still is getting questions on their passing game, this guy threw for 140 yards and 4TDs. The future is bright, my friend. Yet another reason I’m proud to be an Illini (Say it with me…I-L-L…I-N-I!)

(AP Photos)