Google at the Pump

[2 min read]

I don’t normally blog this often (4th post in 3 days), nor do I find it valuable to try to blog everyday (you’ll eventually lose quality trying to find content), but I came across this story today that really caught my attention.
I am one of the many that are in love with Google innovation, as well as Apple innovation (I’m waiting for the day they merge and become…Apple…bad joke?…sorry…). But here’s another way that Google is recognizing a simple solution for the needs of the people, and finding a way to fit their product in there. Drivers are always in need of directions, and there’s always a gas station around. So put a map there! Simplistic, but genius.
If this catches on with gas stations around the country, you’ll see less and less need for the average person to have a GPS system. It won’t get rid of it at all, but for casual drivers, it’s a lot cheaper to go and get gas and get directions from there, than purchase a a navigation system.
Now I just need a map of all the Veeder-Root gas stations around the country…