Although we all live many miles apart and are moving on with different life directions (some still in med school, others working, another overseas), my group of college friends still try to get together at least on the holidays, and Thanksgiving was no different. This past Monday we had a potluck dinner and brought everyone together again…we even Skyped my roommate who was in London so he can enjoy part of the festivities with us. As always, our gatherings contained great food, deep conversations, and moments of games/entertainment. No matter how old we get, we keep each other young. Sort of…

Shawn was able to join us from half-way around the world- technology is great, it was like he was actually there…(we later connected him to the TV and made him more life size)

Amazing food, as usual…

A common site at our gatherings- where are the guys in this conversation?

And fun times consisted of Guitar Hero followed by a rousing game of ImagineIFF…

For Thanksgiving, I went to church (as usual) for a Thanksgiving day service, and followed with a Thanksgiving Lunch at my sister’s in-laws place. My family hasn’t completely gotten comfortable with the camera, So I only grabbed shots of the food before relaxing.
Then in the evening, I went to my girlfriend’s place to hangout with her family in the evening. As a whole, they’ve never experienced my camera and I, so I made sure not to pull it out just yet (…got to make sure they have NO reason to dislike me :) ). It was entertaining time, where we just talked and played the FRIENDS trivia game (…really not that exciting of a game, in my opinion).

The meatball appetizer was pretty much all Alexis wanted for Thanksgiving…

It looks so healthy…if only I cared about stuff like that…

Then comes Black Friday…where I joined up with some friends to go to Best Buy at 5am and see what I could get. I really had no big “need”, so some might say it wasn’t worth it. However, my shopping consisted of Best Buy, TigerDirect (they opened a store in Schaumburg!), and a wandering through Woodfield Mall. In total, I just got a couple CF cards (capturing the memories), a 500GB Backup drive (archiving the memories), and I ordered a MacBook Pro online (‘perfecting’ the memories). Probably not worth a 4am wake up, but was fun nonetheless. (no pictures, sorry).

You know what it means when Thanksgiving is over? Time to put up the Christmas lights. After putting them up around my house with my dad, I went over to my church to find that they had finished decorating already- and I must say they did quite a good job with it. Here’s a very poor attempt at me hand-holding 1/4th-second exposure, but you get the gist of it…


A 4 day weekend was nice, but now I need to get ready to scrape the snow off the windshield and finish the corporate work year strong. Happy Holidays!