• [28 in 2008] In an effort to set goals and be held accountable by the general public, I’m going to be doing a ’28 in 2008’…where I set 28 goals I want to accomplish in 2008. Some seem simple enough, and some are very reaching. I’m not sure if I’ll meet all of them, but as long as I make progress, that’s all that matters- I’ll have it posted somewhere here with updates as to when things get accomplished. But for now, here’s the list (in no particular order).
  1. Generate 2000 blog hits
  2. Dunk a basketball (on a regulation rim)
  3. Provide custom-designed albums
  4. Sell street photography (at least as stock images)
  5. Gain at least 10 lbs
  6. Travel to 5 states outside of Illinois
  7. Read (and purchase) 1 book a month, and build my library
  8. Design the creative compilation that is natemathai.com (more details to come)
  9. Spend more time with my niece (and niece/nephew to come!)
  10. Organize my baseball card collection
  11. Learn to play the guitar
  12. Accept at least one speaking engagement (if available)
  13. Create a marketable product
  14. Get engaged
  15. Book at least 10 gigs
  16. Read through Bible
  17. Complete at least 2 project100’s
  18. Expand the Sports Ministry for girls
  19. Support 5 charities/missions organizations
  20. Buy something obscenely unnecessary simply because I can
  21. Create an online newsletter
  22. Write a book
  23. Journal everyday for 1 month straight
  24. Go to a Cubs game, Bears game, and Bulls game
  25. Second shoot for…someone
  26. Sleep until 11am at least once
  27. Spend a weekend without my cell phone, internet access, or iPod
  28. Get one other person hooked on a product/idea that I’m hooked on

  • [gPhone] OK, it’s not really the iPhone’s nemesis, or a phone at all, but Google is continuing to push the Open Source envelope with their announcement of the Android platform for mobile devices. If T-Mobile signs on, I’m definitely jumping on board. (I will NOT, however, be leaving Facebook for OpenSocial…yet).
  • [Bears] A bye week means no loss- got to put a positive spin on things.
  • [Bulls] Remember last year? We sucked in the beginning then too…here’s to hoping…
  • [DST] I loved the extra hour of sleep, but it’s really odd walking to the train station after work with it being so dark out.
  • [Mind42] I’ve started using this web app called Mind42 to try to organize the business (and possible life). It’s purpose-serving at the very least.
  • [Snow] I haven’t experienced a winter in the loop yet, and it just might snow tomorrow. We’ll see how this goes…
  • [Swab4Bevin] There’s yet another need again, particularly for the South Asian community. If you haven’t done it yet, get info from the website and learn how you can help.

Here’s a little flashback: My niece about 1 year ago (my goodness she’s grown up so much). This is from before I got my camera, and pretty much before I really knew how to use one properly.

20061120 - Alexis Photoshoot - 014

20061120 - Alexis Photoshoot - 013

20061120 - Alexis Photoshoot - 008

20061120 - Alexis Photoshoot - 018