Flashback [2004]

[2 min read]

I was browsing through some of my old photos this weekend, and my goodness, it’s amazing to see how terrible these are! I mean, I remember looking at all these images when I first took them and was pretty proud. Mind you I started out with a 2.1 megapixel HP Photosmart, but still.

During my Junior year of college, my small group bible study took a trip to Turkey Run, and I was just remembering how beautiful the place was. Such great colors, such a serene area…I wish I could take personal retreats out there every month!

One thing that I learned through this flashback is how critical we can be as we gain wisdom/knowledge. For me, I’ve grown so much in the technical knowledge of photography. Having been taught so much about color and composition and light, that is the first thing I notice when I see any picture. Especially looking back at old work, my initial responses can be focused so much on the product than on the purpose.
When I look past all the technicalities, what comes to mind? I’m reminded of a great relationship with a group of people who I had matured with. I’m brought back to a moment of recognizing the beauty of this world, and the greatness of creation. I’m put in a state of realizing the reasons I took the pictures to begin with.

It’s important to grow in knowledge. Whatever our skill set and gifts and talents are, we should constantly be trying to improve. But we must never forget our origins, the foundations of what we’re doing.