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  • ::EDIT::[FacebookPhonebook] I found this interesting thing with Facebook…a printable photo phonebook for all your contacts that put their phone numbers online! Just login and go to http://www.facebook.com/mobile, and then click on the button at the top called “phonebook”. It’ll show all your buddies avatars in alphabetical order by first name, and list the numbers that they’ve posted. How awesome (and somewhat stalker-ish) is this?!
  • [BEARS] I am speechless. An ugly finish after an amazing start. One request: Let Devin play. He drops one pass (which would have been an 81-yard touchdown), and we don’t hear from him after that. Put him in opposite Berrian, and you’ll get the deep ball open. Rex has the arm…we’ve got nothing to lose here on out…
  • [ROSES] The brighter side of my side: THE ILLINI ARE GOING TO THE ROSE BOWL!!!! With BCS as crazy as it is, the 9-3 Illini were invited to the rose bowl for the first time in 20 years. Proud to be an illini…proud to bleed orange and blue.
  • [HolidayCards] I felt like it’d be good to send out some nice Christmas cards out. The only problem is I don’t have a wife or child to put on the cover. I’ll spend 2008 looking for some good shots, I guess, and you can look for a card (or request it) for December 08.
  • [FANTASY] I had Vince Young sitting (19 points) and Culpepper playing (injured). To make matters worse, my regulars came up empty: Cutler: 2pts, Addai: 6pts, Patriots D: 1pt. To make matters worse, the Patriots still won. I mean, if the D is going to give me 1 point, at least end the undefeated season! (If Boller had Rex’s arm, he would have reached the end zone)
  • [SLEET] Saturday night was freezing rain and sleet. I drove out to Joliet to pick p my girlfriend with limited visibility, and then back to Chicago. This morning, you could barely tell any snow had fallen. Weather is crazy!
  • [STRIKE] I’m actually a bit happy that the writer’s guild is still on strike. My week’s have gotten so busy I haven’t had time to watch TV, so this strike is helping me not fall behind with The Office.
  • [GLADIATORS] On ESPN Classic, they’ve been playing the old school American Gladiators episodes. I loved that show growing up. At first they were showing the commonly remembered ones. But lately it’s been the original ones, where the platforms were cardboard and the referees were masked…it was kind of scary. Word has it that there’s a new one coming out on NBC soon…I can’t wait!
  • [BULLS] In case you missed it, we lost…again. Hmmmm…
  • [BW3-iPodTouch] I went out with a few friends to BW3‘s tonight, and it was an interesting time. It was a good time of just chilling and eating, but I think the main highlight came when I found a great use for my iPod Touch. The Score radio station was at BDubs during Monday Night Football, and they were playing a trivia game during the commercials. Well, with free Wi-Fi there, I browsed online and found the website where they were pulling the trivia questions from- with all the answers! After a whole lot of screaming and waving to get their attention, we came away with two T-Shirts and a hat (what are we going to do with Miller apparel?). I think they started catching on. I mean, who knew Curtis Strange was the first golfer to win more than $1 million in a single year, or Martin Luther invented 9-pin bowling, or Arnold Palmer was the “Athlete of the Decade” in the 60’s? I did..that’s who. Oh, and who brings Hello Kitty cards to BW3’s? That would be Jane.

[12.03.07] Monday Night Recap

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