• [Bears] I really don’t know…I really just don’t know.
  • [Fantasy] Last week really hurt me, so I’m now playing for last place in my league. How sad is that? My opponent had the perfect counter for every one of my weapons. I have Jay Cutler giving me 25 pts, he has Brandon Marshall who caught all his passes. I have Addai running wild, he has Payton Manning throwing wild. I got hosed…
  • [HolidayParty] Why does it seem like there’s only 1 day that everyone can have a party? I have had 2 invitations for next Wednesday, and 3 for the following Saturday. Sadly I can’t be everyone at the same time.
  • [OutdoorParking] I park on the street outside of my house, and I don’t enjoy the winter weather. Yesterday morning it took me 25 minutes to scrape the ice off of my windows. When does this end again?
  • [LazyDays] This past weekend was a bit confusing for me- I had no meetings or anything scheduled. Outside of church on Sunday, I spent both Saturday and Sunday at home. It was really odd…I felt like I was missing something. These types of days are nice to have.
  • [TShirts] It was (jokingly?) suggested to me that I should make nmathaiphotography T-Shirts…and something I had considered before. If I did decide to make shirts, how many people would be interested to buying one? Now, I’m not all about a blatant branding, so it’s not like you’d be walking around with a huge “N” on your chest. Let me know if you’re interested (oh…and if you have a design idea, feel free to let me know that too!)
  • [Niece] I’ve posted many times how I love taking pictures of children. Well…that’s mainly when I have to capture them in their own element, unaware of the camera. When you try to pose them…it’s a completely different story. Word of advice: never try to take a child portrait an hour or two before they are supposed to go to sleep- they won’t be that keen on cooperation. She’s a blast to hang out with, but my goodness did she not care for pictures today. Not sure which will be used for the holiday card (if any), but I here’s some of what I dealt with:

[12.10.07] Monday Night Recap

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