• [Macbook Pro] So I ordered a refurbished Macbook Pro in celebration of Black Friday (needed an excuse), and was expecting it to come by Thursday. I checked the tracking this morning at work and saw that at 5:27am, it was in transit. 14 hours later…it is still in transit. I mean, seriously!?!?! Don’t toy with me like that. Here’s to hoping for tomorrow.
  • [BEARS] Devin Hester, you are ridiculous. Shanahan is very foolish for kicking to him, and I feel a bit sorry for Sauerbrun…both times he ended up kissing Hester’s ankles and watching him dance into the endzone.
  • [ROSE BOWL] There seems to be an option for the Illini to make it into the rose bowl!!! I’m literally in awe, right now. God bless the BCS!
  • [TheShot] I’ve been a bit hooked on this show called The Shot, on VH1…which is basically “America’s Next Top Model” for photographers. It’s focus is fashion photography, and I haven’t seen anything amazing yet, but it’s still entertaining to watch. There’s one guy who comes from a background in wedding photography…I’m rooting for him.
  • [FANTASY] I used to do do fantasy sport for baseball, basketball and football, but now I’m just doing football (and rather poorly). However, Jay Cutler and Tony Scheffler pulled down 34 points for me, so it was an all around great bears game.
  • [Science&Faith] Here’s an interesting article in the NY Times regarding how the basic foundations of scientific ‘proof’ are based on faith in an unknown. Caught my attention…