100 Percent

[4 min read]

I’ve always been pretty cynical when I hear about celebrities and such donating to charities. I mean, it’s awesome that they give so much, and it truly does make a difference. But I always question their heart and motive behind the giving. Sometimes I feel its a publicity thing, where its simply to get their name out there. Other times, I feel like its to shine some good light on them, because of what they are doing. I question whether they do it for the sake of giving or for themselves to be glorified.
Jesus sat at the temple and watched people giving their offerings. The rich men gave so much money. The sound of all the coins hitting the offertory box would have been music to any treasurer’s ears. Everybody knew that they were giving, and that they were giving alot. And then came this poor widow, who quietly approached the offertory plate. She reached into purse, and pulled out 2 coins worth less than a penny, and dropped it in. The hollow sound of that might have made many people laugh. After the never-ending jingling of the coins the rich men gave, this widow had a quiet offering.
But Jesus said that this woman was blessed. He looked at her heart, and saw that she gave everything she had. The rich gave alot out of their wealth, but didn’t give everything. They kept what they wanted for themselves. They gave just enough to get people to think they were doing something great. But this widow, who could have easily kept her two coins to save up for her family without anyone giving a care, gave it to the Lord. God wasn’t looking at the dollar amount given, but the percentage of their lives that they were giving. And only the widow gave 100%.
Sometimes I feel like the widow, only with 2 small coins, that is worth nothing compared to those who have gone before me. I feel like what I have to offer won’t make any noise in the grand scheme of things. I also see all the things that I need personally, and feel like once I’m able to be sufficient for myself, then I can give for others. And other times, I’m get very proud with the talents and gifts that God has given me, and I come off as the rich men. I start to go all out, giving so much in comparison to others, where everybody notices. But I still keep just enough to keep me satisfied.
I need to find that middle ground. The understanding that I really have nothing. The understanding that with my nothing, God can do great things and make a lot of noise. The realization that God knows how much I have, how much I can give, and how much I actually do give. He’s asking for 100% of me. Who am I to sell him short? Take my two coins, Lord. You are my treasure.