Plain and simple. If I could give a logical explanation as to why Jesus chose the cross, I would lessen the power of His grace. If I had a reason as to why we deserved to be saved, then salvation could be attained through more than just faith. What we did deserve was to have our flesh torn and our blood spilled. But Jesus, knowing that that wouldn’t unite us all, chose to face that pain Himself.
The amount of sin in our lives outweigh the amount of good we do. If you break one commandment, you’ve broken them all. And the only justice to that is death. Jesus recognized that, and loved us so much that He paid the price. But the story does not end on the cross. Even the cross wouldn’t have as much power if He didn’t rise on the third day. Our hope does not lie in the grave, but on the One who who rose out from the grave, overcoming every pressure and obstacle, and ascended to the throne of heaven. He overcame Hell so we wouldn’t have to.
Jesus is coming again. But for now we live in the present day Friday/Saturday. We live in a world torturing Jesus, disrespecting and falling away from Him. We live in a time of pure evil. But our hope is in the Sunday to come. There will be a time when He comes again, and gathers all the faithful who truly believed in Him. Then He will take them up with Him to paradise.
God created the world in 7 days, and has been preparing Heaven for us for over 2000 years. You think this world is beautiful? We’re living in a garbage can compared to what we’ll see up there. I long to spend eternity with Christ. He is my hope and my salvation, the only reason that I press on everyday. Simply accept and believe…He’s waiting to call you home.

“It’s Friday. Friday. And my Jesus, my Jesus is dead on a tree. But that’s Friday. MmmHmm. But Sunday’s a comin’. Friday? Friday, Mary’s crying her eyes out. Disciples are running in every direction, like sheep with a shepherd. But that’s Friday. Uh-huh, do you hear me? That’s just Friday! Sunday’s a comin’. Friday? Friday, those looking at the world saying, ‘things have been so things shall be, you can’t change nothing in this world! You can’t change nothing in this world, what you trying to do?!’ But they don’t know, uh-uh, they don’t know! It’s only Friday! You see, you see, Sunday’s a comin’! Friday? Oh Friday, them forces had oppressed the poor, keep people down! Them forces have destroyed lives and forces that are in control and think they’re gonna rule, but they don’t know, uh-uh, they don’t know. That it’s only Friday! Friday, oh my people, don’t you know? Sunday’s a comin’! Darkness is gonna rule, sadness is gonna be everywhere, but they don’t know it’s only Friday, they don’t know. Sunday’s a comin’. (pause) FRIIIIDDDDAAAAYYYY!!!!!!”
(and the church yelled back)

*pastorpaulkim – OIL2006